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FAQ (Foolish Automated Queries)

Mystery Box ME is a premium provider of Subscription Boxes in the Middle East. Our first product is GeekBox powered by GeekFuel and brings the most awesome geeky stuff to your doorstep. 

Er, what is a subscription box?

Glad you asked. It's a box that you subscribe to. 

Care to elaborate?

Ah- you're one of those kind. Let's break it down for you. Say you're into something that's not easily available- no, not that. Let's pick something more appropriate such as geeky toys like figurines, comic books and collectables. They're kinda hard to find here in the Middle East, aren't they? That's where we come into play.

We work with partners to bring amazing things to your door step automatically. We do require your credit card details for the the magic to work, but as long as you're a subscriber, you get a box delivered to your doorstep every month with a fantastic collection of geekness. 

Do I have to subscribe or can I order just one box?

You're at a subscription website and you don't want to subscribe? Fine. Maybe you want to order one for your much cooler BFF. Who are we to argue?

How does subscription work?

The dictionary defines it as "an arrangement to receive something regularly by paying in advance." And this is where you whip out your credit card and order a 3-month, 6-month or 1-year subscription to MAGICALLY have a box full of awesomeness delivered to you every month automatically until your subscription expires.

So, if I order today, will my box be here tomorrow?

Until we reach the time when Scotty can beam the packages up to us, we have to use the likes of planes, trains and automobiles. Which means that we need your order placed before the 5th of the month. If you promise to do that, we promise to have it delivered to you before the end of the month.

Ok. You have me convinced. Now what?

Head over to this page and select the duration of your subscription. Did we mention that your'e awesome? And make sure you select the right size for your t-shirt. And to show you how nice we are, here's a size guide.

A = width, B = Length (sizes are in inches)

I don't have a credit card but I REALLY, REALLY want to subscribe. HELP!

Drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll give you details on how you can send a bank transfer or a payment by Western Union.