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Mystery Box ME

Star Wars-Themed Loot Box [Limited Quantities]

Regular price AED 249

Crafted a special Star Wars-themed box we have. Yes, hmmm.

Our loot box is filled with tons of goodies that should excite even the most hardcore Star Wars fans. This special loot box is available in limited quantities, so make sure to order one as soon as possible - it will be delivered instantly!

Here's what you will find in the box:

  1. Funko POP! Star Wars FN-2199 Stormtrooper Bobble-Head Figurine
  2. A swanky Stormtrooper wearable cap
  3. A seriously cool metal replica keychain of the (t)rusty ol' Millennium Falcon
  4. A collectible 3D wood model of the AT-ACT from Star Wars Rogue One, which also includes a AT-ACT book. The wood model can also be customized using colored pencils!
  5. A 'cute' keychain of Darth Vader that makes the distinctive sound of his dual-phase lightsaber.
  6. A Variant Edition of the Star Wars - Vader Down comic book.
  7. Translucent Star Wars chopsticks so the force is always with you when order Chinese takeouts.

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